Welcome to the ZLTAC 2019 Fantasy League
In order to play in the fantasy league, you are required to register an account via the links in the top right of the navbar.

Once registered you can proceed to the My Team page in order to start building your team.

Your team is to consist of 5 players of your chosing. Each team has a budget of $5,000,000 to spend on players.

The player valuations are based on a number of factors, including Sinc's List and the results from the previous nationals.
A Player who is of high grade on a lower tier team will generally cost more than that on a high tier team.
This is due to them having an easier time at racking up the points in their level of competition from cascades onwards.

All stages of the Teams format are taken into account apart from the Grand Finals.

The transfer period will close on the 27th of February 12:00am AEST. No Changes can be made after this.

Please keep the team names PG

Remember to have fun!